Best Way to Style Slim Fit Jeans for Big Men

slim fit jeans for fat guys

The styling and designing of jeans have undergone massive changes since it first became a popular garment nearly 150 years ago. They were first worn by men by miners, farmers and western cowboys in the US. Since it was considered a workwear, there wasn’t much attention paid to its design. But, over the years as it gained acceptance as a fashion garment, it has undergone massive changes, pretty much every decade. In today’s day and age, there are many types of jeans available, be it fit, be it styling or be it rise. However, if you wish to dress fashionably, slim fit jeans look the best. It is true for both men and women. You can get excellent slim fit jeans for fat guys and all the other body types well. But if you are a man with a sexy trunk, then you can follow these simple rules so that you look your sharpest when wearing this fit. 

How to pick the jeans?

The best jeans for men with big thighs are the high waist ones. They cover up and flatten your stomach and also conceal the bulges. However, if you are not comfortable wearing high rise jeans, then do not force yourself. Instead go for a low-rise pair. It is important that you try the jeans before you buy. Irrespective of your size and muscles, the jeans should fit comfortably and should give enough room for you to sit and bend your knees comfortably. You must avoid slim fit jeans that are too tight around the waist. 

Which style would work the best?

While selecting big men’s tapered jeans and slim fit jeans, there are two styles to choose from. You could either go for a standard slim fit or you could pick spray-on design. Standard skinny jeans sit comfortably on your legs. They are a good fit for big guys as they do not add any bulk on your legs. Spray on jeans is a tricky design. They look flattering only if you have properly sculpted legs. In short, you should only go for these if you are an athlete with a big frame. 

slim fit jeans for fat guys

What design and colour to choose?

Men with big thighs should go for jeans with slightly thinner fabrics. If the denim is too heavy, you would feel hot. This will make you sweaty and you will be uncomfortable. So always pick a thinner fabric. But you must make sure that sure that you do not compromise on the quality of the jeans. Do not buy something that looks worn out or looks cheap. When it comes to choosing the colour for your jeans, you should stick to dark colours like indigo and black. These colours are the most stylish jeans for big guys as they lend a more flattering and slimming look. However, if you choose lighter colours like white or light blue, they will draw attention to the lower half of your body and you may seem out of proportion. For a cool range of big and tall athletic fit jeans, log on to