• FatTrunk Jeans was an idea born out of necessity — In discussion with a group of friends from Kansas city, we started talking about how hard it was to find a good pair of jeans in bigger sizes, Will Perry decided he was going to fix that problem.
  • We reached out to a pattern maker to understand the issue a bit further — Clothing is based on a pattern, that pattern is usually designed for a smaller individual and then scaled up. When it’s scaled or graded up to larger sizes the proportions get out of whack.
  • We worked with this pattern maker to flip the standard process on its head — Our pattern is modelled for a size 54 and is scaled down, making for a far more comfortable and better looking plus sized pair of jeans.
  • After tons of testing and samples we’ve cracked the code and are excited to share with the larger community.



  • Fat Trunk’s Extra Pattern is the first of its kind Off-the-rack, Tailor fit, stretch denim for plus size individuals.
  • We use a unique blend of cotton, spandex, and polyester to create stretch denim that looks and feels amazing — But will also maintain its shape over time.
  • For our launch we will be offering sizes 38 – 60 with a 33” inseam in our original indigo blue.
  • These jeans will be available through kickstarter starting on October 9th — signup on our website to stay in the know at www.fattrunkjeans.com
  • Soon in the future we would like to offer more color options, multiple inseam options, and even more sizes.


  • Fat Trunk Jeans — We’re not plus size, we’re extra! At Fat Trunk we only have one goal — To make you feel comfortable in your jeans.
  • This brand is about body positivity and inclusion, we firmly believe all body types are comfortable and when you put on your favourite pair of jeans you should look AND feel your best.
  • While our jeans were modelled for plus size men, we aim to continue this theme of inclusion as we grow. We want men, women, tall, short, black, white, gay, straight and everyone in between to be able to wear our denim.