Confused About the Quality of Jeans? Check for These Things

Confused About the Quality of Jeans? Check for These Things

If you are looking to buy a new pair of jeans then you must pay attention to the quality. Buying a new pair of jeans is a sound investment. It is something you do not buy every six months or so. A quality pair should last you a couple of years, at the very least, if properly maintained. Like all garments, you get all kinds of quality and it is necessary to go for the best quality possible. Paying less for jeans may sound attractive at the time of buying, but it will cost you much more in the long run if you factor in the cost of repairs and replacing them. Here are certain things you must look for when buying comfortable jeans for big guys

Buttons should be secure

The buttons should be stitched properly and not hanging loose. A well designed and a well-tailored jeans will never have loose buttons hanging. You might think that it is no big deal and you can always get your buttons stitched, but it says a lot about the brand and their consideration towards quality if they are putting out fat bottom jeans with loose buttons. One way to check if the buttons are secure is to wriggle them to see if they move. 

No loose threads

A quality conscious brand will never sell jeans that hasn’t gone through rigorous checks. And loose threads are something that can be easily spotted at the time of quality control. The stitching should have closed ends and there should be no thread jutting out from the denim. Neat and clean stitching is a sign of a quality fat man pants.

Stitching should be uniform

High quality jeans for fat guys will follow a single and specific pattern. The jeans could have stitches in rows or zig zag style, but whatever the design of stitching, it should be uniform throughout the jeans. You must that you check for the quality of stitching around hems, pockets, and side seams. It does not necessarily have to be double row stitching. If single row stitching is done with thick and durable thread then it can also last a long time.

Should not have stains

It goes without saying that when buying a new pair of jeans, it should be free from all stains. These stains can, of course, be removed by a washing detergent or vinegar, but why buy a product where the manufacturer is not careful about leaving stains behind. It does not mean that the jeans have to be of uniform color. Plus size men’s distressed jeans and plus size men's ripped jeans are specifically designed to look a certain way, but this does not mean that there should be any stains because of ignorance on part of the manufacturer. 

Quality of denim and accessories

Last but not the least. The quality of denim, rivets, zippers and buttons used is a very important factor in determining the quality of jeans. Jeans made from heavier fabric last longer. Heavy jeans have a tendency to feel stiff when you first wear them, but they become softer after a couple of wears. You can also dip them in vinegar and hot water to speed up the process. Usage of copper buttons and rivets are signs that the brand is quality conscious and the jeans are made to last. To buy the best quality and the most comfortable slim fit jeans for fat guys, log on to