How to Best Style Different Fit of Jeans

How to Best Style Different Fit of Jeans

Denim jeans are one of the most favoured pieces of contemporary fashion. Whether you are tall, short, skinny, fat, man or woman you would own a pair of jeans. They are an extremely versatile piece of clothing and can be styled with an array of shirts and tees. It is the go-to choice for casual dressing, be it for a round of drinks with friends or Friday dressing in office. They look equally cool with a pair of spanking white sneakers and formal shoes. There are many different types of fits available in fat man jeans. However, you must alter your dressing a little each time you wear a different fit. We have compiled a list of ways to style jeans according to their fits. 

Slim Fit Jeans

These jeans offer a perfect mix of comfort and style. Slim fit jeans provide a nice silhouette without ever becoming too tight for the lower half of your body. These jeans can be worn with anything from t-shirts to collared shirts to even blazers and formal jackets. If you are facing difficulty in finding comfortable jeans for big guys in slim fit, then go for a size bigger than what you generally wear and get the hem and the length altered accordingly. To check out a cool range of stylish jeans for big guys, log on to 

Straight fit Jeans

The fit and leg openings of this particular fit is slightly looser than that of skinny jeans. They fall straight from the knee to the hem. The opening around your thighs, knees, calves and ankles is roughly the same. They are a great option as fat man pants as they give enough room to manoeuvre the legs. Pick loose fitting layers when you wear this fit. Denim shirts, loose tees and loose sweaters all look good with straight fit jeans.

Skinny Jeans

This fit hugs the legs, but is slightly loose around the thighs. Its tapered finish makes you look taller. This is an ideal fit for slimmer men. However, this does not mean men with a few extra pounds cannot wear this fit. If you are trying to fit a fat booty in jeans, then go for a low rise and pick something in darker shades like indigo and black. Big men should refrain from wearing lighter shades like white, rust or pink. This fit goes well with knitwear, collared shirts and a blazer and a tie. Plain t-shirts with jackets are also a great combination with this fit.

Super Skinny or Spray on Jeans

These jeans are only meant for men with toned and muscular legs as they sit very tightly with your legs. They show each and every muscle in your legs. So, unless you are an athlete or someone who has chiselled legs, you should keep away from this fit. Super skinny jeans have a more casual look and do not go along well with blazer or a formal jacket. To get the best out of this super skinny jeans, pair them with buttoned-up shirts and tees in solid colours like white or navy blue.