How to Care For Your Jeans?

How to Care For Your Jeans?

Jeans are made from denim, which is a very sturdy and long-lasting fabric. It is a very reliable and user-friendly material. It does not ask much of you. No wonder jeans are one of the most popular garments in the world. Even with rough usage, a good pair of jeans can easily last you a year and thereabouts. We all know that nothing feels as good as comfortable jeans for big guys. Once you break into your jeans, they feel like an extension of your body. And you want that comfort to last as long as possible. There are small steps you can take to make your jeans last the distance. Read on. 

Do not wash every time you drop something on them

The beauty about mens plus size jeans is that they do not absorb spots and stains and are very easy to clean. The best way to clean if drop something on them is spot clean them. It means just clean the area or the spot where there is a stain. Use an old toothbrush or a damp cloth and a mild detergent to make it spotless. Jeans do not need to be washed every week. Washing a pair of jeans once a month is a fairly acceptable practice. Jeans also tend to lose their shape with excessive washing. It leads to excessive wear and tear as well. 

Flip out before sending for a wash

Don’t forget to flip your fat trunk jeans inside out before you send them for a wash. This protects the jeans from excessive fading and discoloration. Also remember to check your pockets before sending for a wash. If you leave a pen or anything else that could leave stains, it will spoil your jeans. Roll down the cuffs of your jeans so that all the dirt trapped can be cleaned. Note for anyone hoping to achieve a cool fade for the jeans with excessive washing: a good fade comes when you break into them and wear them for a long time and not with aggressive cleaning.

Use mild detergent

Even though best jeans for big guys are made with thick and durable fabric, excessive washing with harsh detergents can lead to discoloration. Read up on the instructions while buying the detergent. 

Choose a cold-water cycle

Adding a cold-water spin cycle is another layer of protection for your jeans. Hot water can harm your jeans and the with time it will start losing its thickness and color. To get the best quality and discounted big and tall men’s jeans, log on to 

Air Dry the jeans

You need to air dry the jeans for the same reason that you need a cold-water spin cycle. Excessive heat of the dryer ruins the jeans. Air drying also helps to keep the fit intact and maintain their shape. Just hang them out to dry. Avoid direct sunlight if possible.