How to Pair Shoes With Jeans for Different Occasions

How to Pair Shoes With Jeans for Different Occasions

Jeans are one piece of garment that can be styled in multiple ways. They are an ideal fit for casual dressing at work and also perfect for a date night. There is a plethora of styles to choose from. You can pick big mens tapered jeans or slim fit jeans for fat guys according to your tastes and preferences. Depending upon the occasion, you can just wear different shirts and shoes and you are good to go. This is not the case with most types of pants. For example, with formal trousers, you can only wear formal shoes and shirts, unless of course, you are on a golf course. And there is no chance you can wear formal shoes or a shirt with sweatpants. So whenever in doubt about what will work the best for a particular occasion, just close your eyes and wear a smart pair of jeans. In this write up, we will be discussing what are the best shoes to wear with different jeans for different events.

Work or cowboy boots

Wearing boots with jeans seems like a natural fit as they both have a refined yet rugged look about them. The trick is to pair the boots with skinny jeans and not super skinny or spray on look. The reason to avoid super skinny jeans with these shoes is that they may look disproportionate with bigger shoes. Boot cut jeans also look dapper with cowboy shoes. You could pick any type of wash you want. These boots look equally nice when worn with dark washes or with plus size mens distressed jeans. You can roll the cuff of your jeans to get the best look.

Casual look with sneakers and loafers

If you are going for a casual look then you can opt for sneakers, loafers or Chelsea boots. You can wear plus size men's ripped jeans or faded jeans with casual shoes. Pick a pair of dark coloured jeans like indigo or black to get the look right. Sneakers in bright white and black look really cool for a casual look. Some people make the mistake of wearing boat shoes when going for a casual look, but they look out of place. 

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Dress shoes

Dress shoes can be worn with jeans whenever you are trying to get the semi-casual look right. Wear these shoes with tapered or slim fit jeans in dark washes. Dress shoes in leather or suede finishes blend in well with jeans. The length of the jeans should rest just above the shoes. Make sure that the hem is not dragged on the floor as it can look really shabby. Fold the cuff of the jeans if the hem is too long. 

Formal occasions

Tuxedos and suits are not the only outfits that go well with formal shoes. To get the formal look right, wear plain toe shoes with dark wash jeans in slim fit. Black jeans look the best with formal shoes. To get widest range and amazing discounts on big and tall men’s jeans, log on